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We ship from the United States. We have a warehouse in the U.S.

No cable, just simple two AAA batteries and you can start sanitizing, even when you´re on the go.

We ship world wide - FOR FREE!

Unfortunately, sometimes things get damaged during the shipping process. If you had a damaged and/or missing components, please see the instructions below to request a replacement. When your package arrives, please check the package in the company of the delivery person. If the package appears to be torn, damaged or wet, do not accept the package. Rejected packages will be returned to the shipping company. If you receive your package and something is wrong with it, please report it within 14 days of the delivery date. Requests made beyond the 14-day window may not be eligible for processing. Contact info@sanya-sanitizer.com with your order number and a brief description of the issue along with images and/or videos. The next steps will be determined by the severity of the damage and the availability of items. 

UV-C light destroys the very DNA of germs, making it impossible for them to reproduce, annihilating everything in its path, from fungi to bacteria and viruses.