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UV Desinfection Stick

Portable Sterilization, Desinfection, Removal of Mites. 

Bring you a Clean Environment.

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STAY CLEAN with Sterilization and Mite removal

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Clean your phone

Did you know that there are about 18 times as many germs on the screen of your smartphone as on the toilet seat of a public toilet?
With SANYA you destroy 99.9% of the germs on your smartphone.

Cute pets bring also bacteria

UV irradation can remove odors and effectively kill bacteria, fungi and dust mites within 20 seconds.

Disinfect your textile

Can disinfect your textile / plastic surface and body-contact clothing.

Clean your keyboard

The SANYA® is portable and can sterilize your daily used keyboards.

Sanitize your masks

Use ultra violet light to sanitize your masks.

Simple design

SANYA® has a simple design and fits in small bags.

The smart and portable sanitizer